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COVID-19 Update

Our normal working hours are 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM, Sunday to Thursday. To ensure that our premises remain safe to access, we have implemented various measures in line with government advice, including those relating to social distancing. We are continuing to monitor the situation closely for any changes implemented by the Ministry of Health.

While the physical attendance of hearings is possible, subject to maintaining social distancing, the Court and Tribunal will continue to prioritise the use of audio and video links where appropriate.

Case-related queries can be sent by email to For any urgent case-related queries, the Registrar may be contacted by telephone at: +974-33609587. The QICDRC has also resumed its acceptance of bookings by parties wishing to hold arbitration sessions; however, a limited number of participants will be allowed to attend each session in order to maintain social distancing guidelines. Queries relating to facility bookings should be addressed to:

For more information:


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