Legal Bureau


As key member of Qatar’s legal ecosystem, we are committed to fostering development, collaboration and knowledge-exchange through our many initiatives. Our short and long-term programmes are designed to help enhance the skillset of Qatar’s youth and expand our legal network locally and abroad.

"Tawafuq" Coaching Programme

The QICDRC Coaching Programme (Tawafuq) is the first coaching programme for legal professionals in Qatar, aimed at empowering lawyers, judges, and legal professionals to achieve success, balance and wellbeing, both in the workplace and at home.

The year-round programme offers one-on-one sessions with trained coaches to raise core skills in communication, leadership, organisation and management. Combining internationally-recognised coaching strategies with a tailored approach to the legal field in Qatar, Tawafuq helps participants emerge as more effective leaders and allows them to take charge of their health and life – both in and outside the office.

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Pro Bono

Our Pro Bono Service provides access to justice to individuals with limited financial means, whose civil and commercial disputes, regulatory appeals or other legal issues fall within the QICDRC jurisdiction. Together with our registered volunteer lawyers and law firms, we now offer pro bono legal advice, assistance and representation.


Internship Programme

Students enrolled in our programme will be given the opportunity to intern at different legal entities across Doha, starting with QICDRC, to gain more experience and understanding of the field. A comprehensive programme will be tailored to each student, based on their desired outcome.