Legal Bureau


As key member of Qatar’s legal ecosystem, we are committed to fostering development, collaboration and knowledge-exchange through our many initiatives. Our short and long-term programmes are designed to help enhance the skillset of Qatar’s youth and expand our legal network locally and abroad.


Pro Bono

Our Pro Bono Service provides access to justice to individuals with limited financial means, whose civil and commercial disputes, regulatory appeals or other legal issues fall within the QICDRC jurisdiction. Together with our registered volunteer lawyers and law firms, we now offer pro bono legal advice, assistance and representation.


Internship Programme

Students enrolled in our programme will be given the opportunity to intern at different legal entities across Doha, starting with QICDRC, to gain more experience and understanding of the field. A comprehensive programme will be tailored to each student, based on their desired outcome.


The Verdict - Annual Student Advocacy Competition

A first-of-its-kind legal competition for students in Qatar. Students participating over a period of 2-3 days are divided into four different jurisdiction-based groups and given a common case study to investigate and prepare with the assistance of esteemed mentors assigned to support them. Upon completion, the students will be required to present their case in front of a panel of four judges, each from the selected jurisdiction, who will then award the winning group based on pre-agreed criteria.



In 2020, we launched our Coaching Initiative, a year-round health and wellness programme for Qatar’s legal professionals, who are interested in obtaining greater personal and professional well-being. This initiative is an extension of our unwavering commitment to health and safety in the workplace, which are recognised as key components for better work performance, higher engagement and improved employee retention rates.