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Publication date: 
08 Nov 2020

An esteemed panel of mediation specialists will talk about Qatar's first administered mediation service as well as the impact of the recently ratified Singapore Convention on Mediation

5 November 2020 - Doha, Qatar: Encouraging alternative dispute resolution through mediation, Qatar International Court and Dispute Resolution Centre (QICDRC) announced the launch of a new Mediation Service at the Court premises during an official launch event today.

The launch was attended by local and expat lawyers from Qatar’s legal community and members of the media.

Following his welcome note to the event attendees, Faisal al-Sahouti, CEO of the Qatar International Court, said: “The dedicated Mediation Service is an expansion of the Court’s commitment to facilitating alternative dispute resolution through mediation. We are proud to extend our state-of-the-art facilities and services to leading businesses in Qatar.”

“Access to reliable Mediation Services is a cornerstone of a thriving commercial and financial ecosystem. We believe the new Centre will be an important part of the local community by extending key services to local businesses,” he concluded.

Mediation proceedings will adhere to the official QICDRC Mediation Rules that outline the initiation process, appointment of an impartial mediator, fee structure, conduct and confidentiality of each mediation. Mediations are conducted in private and settlements are confidential.

A mediation can be initiated by the Court or the Regulatory Tribunal, by virtue of a contractual provision, or through a voluntary request of one or more parties to a dispute. The individual circumstances of each dispute will determine the mediator’s course of action to guide the parties towards a dispute resolution objective. Mediation Services can be requested by all business in Qatar as well as cross-country business disputes. Sultan Al-Abdulla, Managing Partner at Sultan Al-Abdulla & Partners commented: “The launch of the new QICDRC Mediation Service offers disputing parties yet another resolution alternative which in some cases can be more cost effective and faster than litigation or arbitration. Perhaps one of the most attractive aspects of mediation is that rather than fostering adversarial positions among the parties, it encourages dialogue to achieve an agreed resolution. As such mediation often preserves the relationship between the parties to a resolution discussion, limiting the detrimental impact of the disagreement. As a member of the QICDRC Mediation Panel I am excited to support this important initiative. I encourage parties to consider seriously mediation as a means of dispute resolution, and I look forward to many successful mediations in the QICDRC’s first-rate mediation facilities.”

As part of the Court’s ongoing expansion plans, the new Mediation Service will enhance access to justice within Qatar’s business community in line with the economic development objectives set out in Qatar National Vision 2030.