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Publication date: 
10 Sep 2020

QICDRC and the Ministry of Justice's Legal and Judicial Studies Centre have organised an online training course as part of the 10th Mandatory Training Course for the Trainee Lawyers, which took place on 9 September.


The webinar introduced prospective lawyers to the Qatar Financial Centre and its world class business infrastructure that aims to attract international companies to Qatar. The trainee Lawyers were also introduced to the Court and its jurisdiction, rules to relevant commencement as well as procedural components of the Court. Trainee Lawyers were also presented the Court’s procedure, specifically submitting a claim, initiating proceedings, pleadings, judgments, appeals as well as the execution of judgments made by the Court.

The webinar is part of the ongoing cooperation between the QICDRC and the Ministry of Justice in line with the National Vision 2030 to further strengthen Qatar’s legal environment.