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Publication date: 
11 Nov 2018

Qatar International Court and Dispute Resolution Centre (QICDRC), a world-class specialised civil and commercial court in Qatar, has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with LexisNexis, a leading global provider of legal, regulatory and business information and analytics.

A key highlight of the MoU is that QICDRC is now the ‘Strategic Alliance’ partner of LexisNexis. The MoU promotes mutual support between the two parties in relation to a wide variety of initiatives, publications and trainings. In addition to this, LexisNexis will be opening an office at the QICDRC premises, where a law library accessible by members of the public will be established. Both Parties have expressed their commitment to work together to develop the Rule of Law both locally and internationally.

The agreement came following the third Qatar Business Law Forum and Awards, which was hosted by LexisNexis in partnership with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (Department of Legal Affairs), Qatar University’s College of Law and the Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) Middle East.

Senior Legal Counsel at QICDRC, Dr. Zain Al-Sharar took part in a panel discussion during the Qatar Business Law Forum titled ‘Deterring White-Collar Crime: the QFMA’s New Corporate Governance’.

QICDRC has previously worked in collaboration with LexisNexis who were ‘Media Partner’ during the third edition of the Qatar Law Forum (QLF), an event which was co-organised by QICDRC in November 2017. For this event, LexisNexis developed a post-event QLF magazine containing interviews and summaries from the four plenary sessions: combatting corruption, protecting and enabling displaced persons, strong and judicial institutions and financial inclusion.

QICDRC CEO Mr. Faisal Al-Sahouti commented: “We are happy to become the new ‘Strategic Alliance’ partner of Lexis Nexis and we look forward to working closely together in the future to enhance the knowledge within the local legal community. LexisNexis will play an important role in the future development of QICDRC. We look forward to welcoming members of the community to access a unique law library at our premises