The QICDRC has established a Court Users' Committee comprising legal practitioners from local and international law firms, in-house counsel, representatives from the QFC Authority, QFC Regulatory Authority, and Employment Standards Office, as well as members from the QICDRC itself.  

The role of the Court Users' Committee is to discuss issues of interest to stakeholders in relation to the services provided by the QICDRC. The objectives of the Court Users' Committee include, but are not limited to,

  • Ensuring that the services offered by the QICDRC meet the needs of the local and international community;
  • Ensuring that such services are delivered in an efficient and cost effective way;
  • Improving access to justice by, in particular, identifying the needs of those who are most vulnerable and may not be best placed to understand their rights and obligations;
  • Promoting information and knowledge sharing among relevant stakeholders;
  • Enhancing feedback mechanisms and promoting dialogue among court users generally; and
  • Proposing, where it is considered appropriate to do so, matters which can properly be the subject of court practice directions and/or policies.

In the event of any queries about the Court Users' Committee, please do not hesitate to contact the QICDRC Registry on