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The Qatar International Court continued to strengthen its position as a world-class specialised judicial authority in 2021. Complementing the State of Qatar’s efforts to create a globally-receptive business environment, we successfully adapted to the challenges of the pandemic locally and developed our international partnerships through innovative means.

  • About Us

    The Qatar International Court and Dispute Resolution Centre comprises the Qatar International Court (or QFC Civil and Commercial Court) and the QFC Regulatory Tribunal. Both judicial bodies are established pursuant to the relevant provisions of QFC Law No. 7 of 2005 as amended. The procedures of both the Court and Regulatory Tribunal are laid down in the QFC Law and the Regulations and Procedural Rules of each judicial body.

    Our Vision

    Our Vision is to be recognised as the world’s leading forum for the resolution of international civil and commercial disputes.

The Court and Regulatory Tribunal

As at the end of 2021, the judiciary of the Court and Regulatory Tribunal comprised 18 judges from 11 different jurisdictions (Qatar, Kuwait, England and Wales, Scotland, Cyprus, South Africa, India, Singapore, Hong Kong, New Zealand and the United States of America). The judges subscribe to a judicial code of conduct, the cornerstones of which are impartiality, independence, integrity and propriety.

With the agreement of the Supreme Judicial Council in the State of Qatar, the Court and Regulatory Tribunal continue to be supported by Justice Rashid Al Badr who fulfills the role of Enforcement Judge. The successful enforcement of judgments of the Court and Regulatory Tribunal continues to be a key feature of the judicial system at the QICDRC.

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