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Reply to Defence and Counterclaim

The following notes are a step-by-step guide to completing the Reply to Defence and/or Counterclaim. They tell you what information is needed for each of the numbered sections in the form.

Section 1- Details of the parties

This section requires you to provide your full name, address, telephone number, fax number and email address. It also requires you to provide the full contact details of the other party. It is important that you provide as many details as possible so that the Court knows how to contact you and the other party/parties to the proceedings.

Section 2- Reply to defence

Completing this section is optional. If you wish, you may serve a brief statement of reply to the matters raised in the Defence. This must not be a repetition of matters already pleaded in your Claim Form but should be a response to any matters raised in the Defence which you have not already covered. If you do choose to provide a reply, you should ensure that it clearly and concisely covers your points in no more than 8 typed pages.

Section 3- Reply to counterclaim

If a counterclaim has been made against you, you must tell the Court whether you admit the claim, or any part of it, or whether you dispute it. If you dispute it, you should set out any facts relied upon and identify any law (such as QFC Law or Regulations) which you consider relevant to your case but which you have not already provided as part of your claim. When setting out your reply, you should aim to provide no more than 25 typed pages of submissions. Many replies can be clearly and concisely set out in under 10 pages and so you should not aim to provide the Court with a 25 page reply if you can set it out in fewer pages.

If a counterclaim has not been made against you, then please leave this section blank.

Section 4- Supporting documentation

If you are submitting extra documents along with your Reply (such as a contract or other business document), you should list the documents in this section and identify why they are important. The Court does not, at this stage, need to see every single document which you believe relates to your case. You should provide only those documents which you believe are essential in helping you establish your response to the Defence and/or Counterclaim and which you have not already submitted as part of your claim.

Section 5- Acknowledgements and statement of truth

This section must be completed and signed by you or by your lawyer on your behalf. Where you are completing the Reply on behalf of a registered company or corporation, the Reply must be signed by either a director, treasurer, secretary, chief executive, manager or other officer of the company or, in the case of a corporation, the mayor, chairman, president or town clerk.

Proceedings for contempt of court may be brought against any person who signs a statement of truth without honest belief in its truth.



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    The Court’s independent judiciary is comprised of a civil and commercial court and a Regulatory Tribunal that specialises in regulatory appeals.

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    The Court administers swift, fair, cost-effective and enforceable judgements in line with global best practice, delivered by a distinguished panel of local and international judges.

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    The Court offers mediation services to individuals, businesses, and others, whether located in Qatar or abroad. This is a voluntary process involving an independent third party (‘the mediator’) who helps the parties reach an amicable settlement in respect to their dispute.

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    Through its supervisory arbitrational jurisdiction under Law No 2 of 2017 issuing the Arbitration Law in Civil and Commercial Matters, parties can elect the QICDRC as the “Competent Court” of arbitration to perform various functions in relation to interim measures, enforcement of awards and appeals.

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    eCourt, QICDRC’s innovative electronic case management system, offers globally-accessible virtual hearing capabilities and live-streaming services.

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