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eCourt is the specialist electronic case management system for those involved in proceedings before the Court and Regulatory Tribunal.

Whilst eCourt has been tailored to the requirements of the Regulations and Procedural Rules of the Court and Regulatory Tribunal, the parties and their legal representatives must ensure that they familiarise themselves with the Rules before commencing or responding to proceedings. 

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  • Mobile Friendly

    Mobile Friendly

    Accessible from portable electronic devices, allowing users to access their case files and send/receive communications from anywhere in the world.

  • Web-Based Platform

    Web-Based Platform

    Facilitates the end to end management of cases from the commencement of proceedings through to the issuing of judgments.

  • Highly Secure

    Highly Secure

    Safe and secure method for users to file case papers, receive communications and access information relating to their case.

  • Bilingual


    Free to use and available in both English and Arabic languages.

  • Virtual Hearing Solution

    Virtual Hearing Solution

    Improved access to justice through a transparent medium, custom-built around the regulations and procedural rules of the Court and Regulatory Tribunal.

  • End-User Alert

    End-User Alert

    Multi-channel notifications via email and SMS to alert users of required tasks, communications, and progress on their case.

Supported Platforms

eCourt is accessible via a variety of devices, including tablets and mobile phones.
Supported Platforms


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