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Facilities Overview

QICDRC’s purpose-built facilities are available for use by parties. The facilities comprise a large plenary room with modern, easily moveable, furniture to allow the layout of the room to be adapted to suit the needs of the parties. The room also contains a large presentation monitor and can be equipped with a range of technological and administrative support resources as required. In addition, private break-out rooms are available for the parties and the mediator and, like the large plenary room, contain a wide-screen presentation monitor and can be stocked with portable office equipment as required.

Facilities Overview
  • Services and Fees

    Take a look at our world-class services for individuals, businesses and others, whether located in Qatar or abroad.

  • Terms and Conditions

    Prior to booking, review the service guidelines, applicable to all parties that use the Court’s purpose-built facilities.

  • Booking Enquiry

    Contact us to book our state-of-the-art facilities for arbitration, mediation, court hearings, seminars, training and meetings.

Floor Plan

11th Floor

Room Layout


Decorative Pattern

Accessibility Tools