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What applications can be made to the Court?

Subject to the agreement between the Parties, where the Court has been chosen as the Competent Court of the arbitration, it has jurisdiction over matters relating to:


  • The appointment and removal of arbitrators
  • Determining challenges to jurisdiction
  • Assisting with the taking of evidence
  • Correcting awards
  • Hearing appeals against awards
  • Determining challenges in relation to enforcement decisions

In addition, the Enforcement Judge of the Court will consider applications relating to:


  • Interim measures and their enforcement
  • Enforcement of awards


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    The Court’s independent judiciary is comprised of a civil and commercial court and a Regulatory Tribunal that specialises in regulatory appeals.

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    The Court administers swift, fair, cost-effective and enforceable judgements in line with global best practice, delivered by a distinguished panel of local and international judges.

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    The Court offers mediation services to individuals, businesses, and others, whether located in Qatar or abroad. This is a voluntary process involving an independent third party (‘the mediator’) who helps the parties reach an amicable settlement in respect to their dispute.

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    Through its supervisory arbitrational jurisdiction under Law No 2 of 2017 issuing the Arbitration Law in Civil and Commercial Matters, parties can elect the QICDRC as the “Competent Court” of arbitration to perform various functions in relation to interim measures, enforcement of awards and appeals.

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    eCourt, QICDRC’s innovative electronic case management system, offers globally-accessible virtual hearing capabilities and live-streaming services.

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